How about Snake and Chips for a Snack?


In the hands of a Commando, the Knife happens to be the basic weapon of survival. If not being used for defence purposes, the weapon will prepare any kind of meal including the Puff adder pictured here!

In addition to advanced training demonstrations on tactical shooting, survival, rescue mission, escape, resistance, evasion and raid, Zambia’s Special Forces at their Training School in Mbala yesterday, demonstrated to their Commander-In-Chief, His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, a little bit of how to prepare a rare meal in the middle of nowhere.

Do not be mistaken, Puff adders are very dangerous to humans. Their venom is cytotoxic. Although they are slow-moving snakes, they are highly aggressive and make incredibly fast biting attacks. Their vernon however, exist only in the teeth and like any other Snake, the Puff adder only sees in black and white. And as such, the Snake uses its tongue to detect its environment and will attack and poison its prey with the quantity of vernon appropriate for the body Size.

Yet with so much easy, the Commando picked up the Snake, cut off its head to clear any possibility for vernom, proceeded to prepare it for roasting on a Fire set ablaze using ordinary Stones and grass. In the absence of fire, the Snake can be eaten raw.

Within 5 minutes, the meal or indeed, Snack was ready! Cut into pieces and before an offer could be made, the least expected ‘customer’ jumped onto the scene for a taste. Yes, the Commander-In-Chief of the Defence Force tasted of every military personnel’s meal.
“Tastes like Fish,” remarked President Lungu as he passed the Plate to Ministers of Works and Supply and Justice, Hon Sylvia Chalikosa and Hon Given Lubinda respectively.

And unlike this Reporter, Hon Freedom Sikazwe watched in shock from afar like many others and could not move an inch.



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