President Lungu can sleep with a free conscious on bill 10 – Ndoyi


…. As he has left the process to be driven by stakeholders without interfering with the content

Lusaka…. Monday June 15, 2020 (SMART EAGLES)

Outspoken Youth leader Prince Ndoyi says President Edgar Lungu should sleep with a free conscious on Bill 10 as he has left the process to be driven by stakeholders without interfering with the content.

And Ndoyi says it is time to make progress as regards the mixed member provision included in Bill 10 saying those who absconded their responsibilities at NDF process do not have new ideas apart from finding faults in the Bill.

He wondered what new ideas would come from their proposed constituent Assembly when in fact the National Democratic Forum was an all-inclusive platform which they deliberately chose to stay away and misled people.

“So we want to comfort President Edgar Lungu that in so far as fulfilling all righteousness on Constitution Amendment Bill No. 10, and he can sleep with a free conscious at night on Bill 10. He has left the process to be driven by stakeholders and has at no point hinted any hidden personal desires.

“I want to use the words of Hon. Given Lubinda, that the train has left the station and those that chose to come late when the train was waiting for them for 42 months, can chance the next train. Who knows, we may have another window of opportunity,” he said.

Ndoyi said as advocates of Bill 10, they will continue to sensitize people across the country so as to ensure that the real issues are brought out as opposed to malice and propaganda being spread by those opposed to the enactment of the Bill.

“As Bill 10 Advocates, we are just preparing ourselves to go to Monze as an entry point into Southern Province to distribute local language material which we have translated into 7 local languages in sensitizing the people on Bill 10. We finished Eastern province and partly Muchinga.

“We want to do this before Parliament tables the Bill and hopefully even after to remove the contamination from the people. We welcome government’s decision to gazette the position of government on Bill 10. Let’s see now whose telling lies. We cannot have a country whose primary source of information is speculation and propaganda,” he said.



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