Women Parliamentarians advocate for law to stop cyber bullying against women

.... This will help stop the insults against women more especially on social media

Lusaka….. Monday June 22, 2020 (SMART EAGLES)

The caucus for the Women Parliamentarians says it will during the coming sitting of Parliament sponsor a private member motion that will protect women from cyber bullying.

Chairperson for the Caucus for Women Parliamentarians Professor Nkandu Luo told journalists in Lusaka during a press briefing that there is need to have laws that will deal with cyber bullying against women.

“Let us not insult other people in the name of Freedom of Speech. Because even the same person you are insulting has rights. We need to know where our rights end,” she said.

“Some postings we see on Social media are something else. I remember someone even insulted my spectacles. I looked at that and I was really mesmerised. How can someone insult my spectacles, what have they done? We need to bring this to an end.”

Professor Luo hoped that the Minister of Transport and Communications Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya will support this motion as it will help protect not just women’s rights but all citizens.

She further hoped that the Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs will help to bring back the social fabric in societies.

Speaking at the same event, Chief Government Spokesperson Hon Dora Siliya said government is concerned that the bullying of women has been easy with others accusing women of prostitution without evidence.

Hon Siliya said this is why Professor Luo wants women Parliamentarians wants to take to Parliament a bill that will make sure that there is a fast tracking of these cases because evidence is there online.

She stated that people should stop this habit of insulting the Head of State, Ministers, Political leaders and mere citizens on social media.



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