North Western PF bulldozer Kungo breaths fire

North Western Province PF Chairperson Jackson Kungo

North Western Province PF Chairperson Jackson Kungo has expressed discontent at the misconduct of some members in the Patriotic Front who are calling for the removal of Secretary General, Hon. Davis Mwila.

Kungo says the calls are illogical, irrational and an act of total insubordination by those involved.

He says the deliberately planned and executed calls are being fueled by those that wish to distabilise the Party and the President because no well meaning member can carry out such acts of misconduct.

He said it is even possible that the calls are being sponsored by the opposition to sow seeds of discord among legitimate and loyal members of the Patriotic Front.

He has advised members in the rank and file of the party to have utmost respect for the President who is the appointing authority and to be team players and not advance individual agendas for that will work to weaken the party because a house divided cannot stand.

And Kungo has said that the Party in North Western Province stands in solidarity with SG Davis Mwila and has urged him not to listern to detractors but to keep his eyes squarely on the ball in mobilizing the Party and in his Service to the President.

He said the few calls for removal of Hon. Mwila do not represent the views of the party and that they should be treated by all well meaning members with the contempt they deserve.

Kungo said the PF will only be stronger if all members hold hands and work together towards a common goal.

“The enemy is not within. The enemy is out there in the opposition. Let us love one another in the party and focus on unity and growth. Division will not take us anywhere,”Kungo said in conclusion.


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