Nathan Chanda speaks against premature campaigns


Premature Campaigns and positioning for councillor, Mayor and Members of Parliament should be stopped immediately, PF Copperbelt boss Nathan Chanda has guided.

“Even in areas where we don’t have our councillors, Council Chairpersons / Mayors or MPs, those who wants to stand on our ticket must go through party structures not just adopting themselves because that is indiscipline. There must be order in the way we do things. Final adoption is done by the central committee and the Chairman is the Party President,” said Mr. Chanda.

Mr Chanda said the only candidate who can campaign anywhere even on the Copperbelt is President Edgar Lungu who already is the party 2021 candidate.

The PF Copperbelt boss made the remarks when he addressed Lubwa ward officials in Kwacha Constituency in Kitwe.

“We have heard of the campaigns going on, be it councillor, mayor and Member of Parliament. We want to make it clear that we have seating councillors, mayors and MPs who have a five year mandate which ends in 2021. For now there is no vacancy. So no campaigns for these positions,” MCC Chanda who is Luanshya Mayor said.

“But let me put it clear, there is nothing wrong for any member to aspire for any position under the PF ticket be it councillor, Mayor of MP. What we’re saying is that those who want to aspire for these elective positions, should manage their ambitions. You can’t be going to campaign in an area where you have a seating PF councilor, mayor or MP. That amounts to dividing the party.”

Mr Chanda however, said the increase of people who want to stand and adoptions come 2021 on the PF ticket shows how attractive and democratic the PF party is on the Copperbelt Province.

“This shows us how productive and also shows us how the party has grown and continues to be attractive to general public. If a party is not attractive, people can’t be fighting for positions or adoptions on it. But for now, we have not started any adoptions on the Copperbelt. We want to take this opportunity to ask our councilors, mayors and MPs to work extra hard with the party structures and prove it to the people and the party for readoption.”

“This brings me here in Lubwa ward. We were faced with death as a PF family and we will have a by election. We have not yet adopted anyone. For those that want to contest on the PF ticket you are free to exercise your democratic right by applying to the party once the advert comes out. We will ask the grassroots to give us a saleable candidate who can make us win the election. Whoever, the grassroots will give us, we will go with him or her.”

He said only President Edgar Lungu has a mandate to campaign on the Copperbelt in the party.

“It is only President Edgar Chagwa Lungu who can campaign on the Copperbelt. He is only candidate at the general conference and for 2021. As Copperbelt, we have said at the convention we are going with Edgar Lungu. This then concludes that we have a candidate at Presidential level in Edgar Chagwa Lungu for 2021. The rest, we will be subjected to a process of adoption by the party. This should be made clear,” he said.

MCC Chanda who addressed PF Kitwe District, Kwacha Constituency, Lubwa Ward and all branches in Lubwa Ward was accompanied by Vice Chairman Christopher Kang’ombe ,provincial secretary Bernard Zulu, Vice secretary Hon Jonas Dr Chanda Provincial Chairlady Mrs Rose Mukupo, Youth Chairman Don Mungulube and other provincial officials for the Copperbelt.


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