EFF apologises for Parliament scuffle


JOHANNESBURG – The EFF has apologised for the role its members played during a clash in Parliament.

ANC and EFF MPs almost came to blows at a Parliamentary induction programme.

No punches were actually thrown, but Parliament has condemned the scuffle as ‘unbecoming’.

DA MP Annelie Lotriet was chairing the orientation session.

“One of the new EFF MPs starting asking a question but it was wasn’t really a question, it was more of an insulting sort of thing to the ANC and then they got very agitated about that and then I asked the EFF to remain quiet for a bit so I could deal with the ANC,” Lotriet said.

The EFF’s Tebogo Mokwele says an ANC MP was calling her a ‘young girl’ and her party was only defending her.

“He alluded to me as an intombazana… you think you are special, we are here as the ANC, we are going to beat, zokushaya… like those arrogant words, like you are looking for war,” Mokwele said. 

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ANC MP Mondli Gungubele moved in to break up the fight.

“It’s a historic thing when tempers get sparked up with politicians, its no different to what happens usually but I didn’t expect it to happen during an induction,” Gungubele said.

It was only when National Assembly Speaker Thandi Modise got called in that the tension was diffused.

The EFF has since apologised for the scuffle.

“As the EFF we are sending our apology, it was not our intention to react in the way we reacted.”

The Speaker’s office says there will be no punitive action taken against those involved in the scuffle.

A stern speaking-to and reprimand from Modise was punishment enough.

Source: eNCA


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