Meghan has almost twice as much fashion influence as Kate does


There is no denying the influence of the women in the British royal family when it comes to fashion.

Both the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge are renowned for starting trends, influencing shopping and causing pieces to completely sell out.

And now, global fashion search engine Lyst has quantified this influence and worked out which duchess has the bigger pulling power.

While both the Kate effect and the Meghan effect are still going strong, it appears that the Duchess of Sussex is the woman with more influence.

According to Lyst, Meghan’s outfit choices trigger almost twice as much online demand as Kate’s do.

On average in 2019, Kate’s fashion choices have lead to an increase of 119 per cent of online interest in comparison to Meghan, who averages at about 216 per cent.

Lyst went on to say that Meghan tends to influence in terms of colour, while Kate boosts demand for specific designer names.

When Meghan and Harry introduced their newborn son, Archie Harrison, to the world last month, her ensemble – a white trend coat-inspired dress by Wales Bonner – caused interest in the label to increase by 28 per cent and searches for ‘white trench dresses’ to increase by 46 per cent in just 12 hours.

Source: Harpers Baazar


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