Women empowerment in Miseshi begins to yield fruits


Earlier this year compelled by their passionate plea, Nkana Constituency lawmaker Hon Alexander Chiteme MP, empowered 60 women drawn from various churches in Miseshi ward with K10,000 seed money to venture into chicken rearing.

Months later, the empowerment program due to the women’s diligence and hard work has begun yielding desirable results that have left the lawmaker excited, wanting to do more for them.

Beginning with just a few chickens, a makeshift chicken run and using a borrowed 164 capacity incubator, the women can now boast of over 150 village village chickens & layers, over 100 quails and plenty of eggs needing incubation.

Speaking on behalf of the Women, Mrs. Rosemary Mulenga has thanked the lawmaker for coming to their aid when they desperately needed resources to get started with the business.

“We have started bit by bit as God has allowed us, we had no starting point until our MP came to our aid. We have now expanded that even our current incubator has become small. We are very thankful to him, for his generous heart.

“As a mother, I want to command a motherly blessing on him, we are not the only ones who have been helped by him, we have heard of his works in the Constituency and they are visible to all. May God bless him with long life as he continues to be of service to his people,” Mrs Mulenga said.

Delighted with the steady progress that the women have made, Hon Chiteme who also doubles as Minister in charge of National Development Planning has pledged another K10,000 for the procurement of a 1,000 capacity incubator and feed.

“This is music to my ears, this is what empowerment programs are meant for. To move our people from one level to another, from lack to prosperity.

“We shall continue to empower our people that show willingness to improve their lives through hard work. We shall also empower them with a sewing machine for them to venture in other businesses too,” Hon Chiteme said.


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