PF says no to coalition government and deputy ministers!!!

….We Want a Lean Government…

The Patriotic Front has announced that it will not support the resolution of Deputy Ministers as well as the proposed possible coalition government amendments in the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2019 proposed by the by the NDF.

Announcing the development Patriotic Front Secretary General Davis Mwila said the party Central Committee sat today (15th July, 2019) in a meeting chaired by the Party and Republican President His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu and deliberated amongst other things the proposed amendments in the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2019.

Mr. Mwila said the positions of the party have been reached at after wide consultation within the party as well as the general public in which he emphasized that the party will in no way support the possibility of forming a coalition government.

“The proposal to amend the system on voting of the President to include the possibility of forming of a coalition government is not supported. In that regard Articles 101 and 102 are to remain as they appear in the current Constitution. The President should draw his or her mandate directly from the majority of the people,” stated Mr. Mwila and added a shocking perspective that the Patriotic Front would support the proposal to amend Article 103 and in particular to increase the time for the hearing of a Presidential Election Petition from 14 to 30 days a position that would clearly favour the opposition based on past events.

Meanwhile the Patriotic Front has restated its call not to entertain a bloated government and hence will not support the call to reintroduce Deputy Ministers.

“The proposals to amend Articles 112 and include a new Article 117A so as to create the office of Deputy Minister is not supported. The PF Government is still committed to a lean Government. The Party is aware of the lies, the malice and falsehoods being championed by the Opposition and their surrogates in the Civil Society and some sections of the media against Patriotic Front and its leadership regarding the various NDF Resolutions,” he announced.

He said the party shall from here before the Parliamentary Committee to give its official position as adopted by the Central Committee.


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