Yellow Card Campaigners fail to disclose their source of funding

.... As PF questions why they refer to the country as dictatorial when they were allowed to campaign in front of parliament

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has challenged the participants of the Yellow Card Campaign to disclose the source of the funding.

PF Media Director Sunday Chanda has told journalists during the PF Interactive Forum in Lusaka that the conveyors of the campaign should at this point tell the nation the people who are funding them.

Mr. Chanda also refuted claims by the participants of the Yellow Card Campaign that the PF government is a dictatorship.

He wondered if the participants of the Yellow Card campaign would freely protest at Parliament building without being harassed.

“Yesterday we saw our fellow colleagues and citizens holding what they are calling Yellow Card Campaign at Parliament building. And of course the message was that Zambia is a dictatorship, and we wonder as a party the contradiction that if indeed Zambia was a dictatorship would still hold the protest and be allowed by the Zambia Police Service to hold such an undertaking,” he said.

“They also claimed that there is rampant corruption within the PF, but they are quiet when civil servants are arrested for corruption. That is hypocrisy.”

He also advised the stakeholders behind the Yellow Card Campaign to thank the Zambia Police Service for allowing them to hold the protest despite them castigating the service of not favoring them.


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