World Native Identity Foundation Commends Government for Taking Development to the Rural Parts of the Country


A World acclaimed International Relations expert and President of World Native Identity Foundation Dr Charles Sinkala has commended government for taking various developmental projects to rural parts of the country.

Dr. Sinkala who is also Chief Executive Officer of Hannox Group of companies, based in South Africa, says economic developments taking place in rural areas, particularly North Western province demonstrates that government was willing to share the benefits across the country.

Dr. Sinkala was speaking at the Zambian Chancery in Pretoria, South Africa, when he led some investors who have shown interest in investing in the Zambian education sector.

He said government should now consider heavily investing in electronic governance in order to consolidate the benefits that the country has achieved so far.

Dr. Sinkala observed that electronic governance would help government deliver services efficiently and transparently through integration of various stand-alone systems.

He noted that while there are concerns about negative impacts of technology on society, Zambia should fully embrace the technological revolution as there were more opportunities to compliment the achievements.

Dr. Sinkala further mentioned that there was need for Zambia to update its current education system with an internationally recognised education system in order to produce creative and innovative solutions to poverty and unemployment problems.

He said that Zambia needs to invest about 65% of its resources in the education sector in order to compete favourably with other world countries that have flourished in the last 50 years.

Dr. Sinkala has since called for unity and adherence to national ethics among Zambians to help government accelerate an inclusive development agenda.

This is  contained in a statement issued to Smart Eagles by Zambia’s High Commission, South Africa First Secretary Press and Public Relations Naomi Nyawali.


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