Stakeholders urged not to frustrate constitutional refinement efforts

….As CRECO calls for speedy refinement of the supreme law of the land

Constitutional Reform and Education Coalition (CRECO) says there is no need for stakeholders to frustrate efforts aimed at refining the country’s constitution.

CRECO Spokesperson Andrew Ntewewe said at this point, it is clear that there is a named political party that is trying by all means to frustrate the constitutional amendment process.

Speaking when he featured on Pan African Radio’s The Peoples Debate Programme, Mr. Ntewewe, who is also Young Africa Leaders Initiative (YALI) President, said it is shocking that some political parties and CSOs that never attended the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) are the ones who are speaking the loudest.

“You see, when President Edgar Lungu then serving as Defense Minister promised the people of Zambia to finalize the constitutional amendment process which started in 2011 after late President Michael Sata embarked on constitutional amendment. He (President Lungu) released the final draft constitution to the people of Zambia. And when he took over office in 2016, what did the President do? He assented to the document in January. After it was made law, he heard from some political parties including the UPND and other CSOs that made it clear that the supreme law of the land had lacunas that needed refinement,” he said.

Mr. Ntewewe wondered why the people against the NDF are behaving in the manner they are doing when President Lungu listened to their concerns of refining the constitution.

He said this is the more reason why people are aware that such politicians do not mean well for this country.

He also observed the need to deal with vices such as fake news, propaganda, tribalism, violence and hate speech among others.

“We have to fight against fake news. If you remember one political party leader told the people of this republic that Zesco, ZNBC and ZAFICCO were sold to foreigners. But the question is, where these key institutions sold? The answer is no. so this is the kind of things we should be fighting against,” he said.

“This is why over one thousand of our citizens turned up Parliament Grounds on Friday, 26th July, 2019 to launch the “One Zambia, One Nation – The Zambia we love Campaign” that emphasises an evidenced-based fight against corruption and encourages Zambians to be patriotism and national unity in order to fight bitterness, hate speech, tribalism.”

He said the campaign is aimed at preaching peace, unity and safeguarding the values that the country was founded upon.

The CRECO Spokesperson also accused some of the Civil Society Organization is Zambia of receiving funding from the international donor community to championing homosexuality in Zambia hiding in the name of Yellow Card Campaign.

Mr. Ntewewe stated that he has evidence that some of these CSOs have been heavily funded to start championing for the introduction of homosexuality in Zambia saying Zambia is a Christian nation and such things cannot be tolerated.

The YALI President also encouraged electorate in Katuba to conduct themselves peacefully as they go to the polls this Tuesday.


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