PF toasts by-election victory

….As the party is penetrating opposition’s strongholds

The ruling Patriotic Front (PF) has noted that its development agenda is blowing a wind of change in former opposition strongholds.

And the ruling party says it is a fact that Western Province is no longer a United Party for National Development (UPND) stronghold.

Addressing journalists at the PF Secretariat in Lusaka after Tuesday’s by-elections, PF Secretary General Hon. Davies Mwila said PF is now the Party of choice in Western Province following the election results.

Hon. Mwila said the PF’s victory last year in Mangango Constituency signified the turning point of the momentum in the Province in favour of PF.

“The clean sweep we enjoyed yesterday in the three ward By-elections confirms that the recent Sesheke By election was just a fluke for UPND and a mere setback for PF. Our decisive victory in 3 wards of Western Province presents overwhelming evidence of PF’s growing popularity on the ground across the province,” he said.

“We therefore wish to thank the people of Chitwa Ward, Kanabilungu Ward and Mangango Ward in particular; and our grassroots brothers and sister in the whole of western province in general for embracing Patriotic Front. Going by this trend, we project that in 2021, PF will win majority Parliamentary seats in Western Province.”

The PF Chief Executive Officer said the future of UPND is bleak in western Province adding that it is projected that in 2021, constituencies like Kaoma, Nalolo, Mongu Central and many others will go to PF.

Hon Mwila stated that the Province has rejected the opposition politics of one individual who stands in the way of the development of the majority, just because of his selfish ambitions.

On the Katuba Parliamentary by-election, Hon Mwila said the result of the Katuba election may have marginally gone against the PF, but the trend is hugely in the party’s favour and against UPND.

“While it may appear on the surface that we lost this particular election, the truth is that our roots have gone deeper and we have gained unstoppable momentum. We have gained a significantly bigger share of the votes, while UPND have had their margin terminally eroded. The tables are turning in this once upon a time UPND stronghold. The momentum is on our side,” said Hon. Mwila.

“This trend is confirmed by the fact that the two biggest wards in Katuba Constituency- namely: Katuba Ward and Chunga wards vigorously voted for PF. These two big wards are reflective of compounds in Lusaka. They show you that the voters are still with PF, as they see no alternative, except that Lusaka has received more development than those areas. This shift also shows that by PF winning Katuba Ward and Chunga Ward, Patriotic Front will in 2021 retain all the seats in Lusaka.”

He has saluted the foot soldiers in Mayembe Ward of Shiwangandu District; Mangango, Shitwa and Kanabilumbu Wards of Kaoma District; Lubwa Ward of Kitwe District; Lungwishi ward of Mansa District, Katuba Constituency of Central Province; and, all the voters in these respective areas.

“Our campaigns were issue based and violent free in accordance with the directive by His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu – the President of the Patriotic Front – and President of the Republic of Zambia. May I also take this opportunity to commend our Head of State for upholding exceptionally high moral values and strength of character, even in the face of malicious slander and hate speech from bitter and envious detractors,” he added.

“To our colleagues in the opposition; we wish to remind you that our national unity is much more important than our political differences. We need to pursue the path of issue based peaceful co-existence beyond elections; without regionalism, fake news, sensationalism and insults. On our part, we commit ourselves to noble politics of mutual-respect as we forge ahead in bringing development to all parts of Zambia.”


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