Climate change affecting production – Hon Chiteme


NATIONAL Development Planning Minister Hon. Alexander Chiteme says the change in weather patterns have adverse effects on the performance of many sectors of the country’s economy.

Speaking when he featured on the PF Interactive Forum in Lusaka Thursday morning, Hon Chiteme stated that climate change has affected many economic sectors saying this has a direct impact on production.

The Minister further stated that it is not a secret that the nation has had challenges in terms of energy production due to low water levels because of climate which in turn has affected production in sectors such manufacturing, agriculture and mining.

“We need to see why the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has eroded over the past years. We need to know and understand the dynamics that have affected this trend. In the recent past, we have had shocks in the economy and one of them is climate change,” he said.

“Let me assure you that our economy is doing fine under His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu. We have heard from some of the prophets of doom comparing our GDP to that of Rwanda and Tanzania without realizing that the dynamics are different.”

Hon. Chiteme said sectors such as agriculture and energy are the drivers of the economy and that these are the most affected by climate change.

He indicated that for manufacturing and mining companies to effectively produce more and boost economic productivity; there is need to have stable and effective power supply.

“We have seen the effects of climate change. Today, Southern, Lusaka, parts of Central, Eastern, North Western, and Western Provinces are on their knees begging for relief food because of climate change,” he said.

The National Development Planning Minister said factors that contribute to the country’s GDP growth have changed over the years and that is why it has reduced to about 3.7 percent.



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