Tekno releases music video of traffic pole dance

The star, whose real name is Augustine Kelechi, apologised on Instagram for any offence he had caused

The Nigerian music star who has sparked controversy for dancing with semi-naked women in traffic has released a music video, which may back up his story that it was not a stunt for a strip club.

Tekno was questioned by police on Wednesday after footage videoed by Lagos commuters showed him throwing money at the pole dancers in a glass-sided truck.

The 26-year-old musician and an advertising agency where criticised by the state authorities, who alleged it was an advert for a strip club.

The musician had apologised on Instagram, saying they were only having “fun” as they moved between locations for a music video, which he has now released on his YouTube page.

Called Agege, it shows Tekno in a moving truck performing well-choreographed dance moves with semi-clad female dancers.

It is hard to tell if the scenes set in the truck were part of the original script or have been edited in since his controversial appearance in the traffic jam in the Lekki suburb of Lagos last Saturday night.

Source: BBC


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