Plans to establish another inter-connector from Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi underway


FOREIGN Affairs Minister Joe Malanji says plans are underway to establish another power interconnector line from Mozambique passing through Zambia up to Malawi to ease electricity trade.

Mr. Malanji says currently the country has already made progress on the establishment of a power grid interconnector by Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya which is being harnessed under the SADC programme.

He says thisĀ is important because it will enable the countries in the SADC region to actualize the industrialisation agenda.

The Minister was speaking to journalists upon arrival from a SADC meeting in Tanzania.

Mr. Malanji also noted that there is need to create a canal from Kasai river in Angola to the Zambezi river so that the region is not affected by droughts and its negative effects on the economy.

And Mr. Malanji said President Edgar Lungu and his Tanzanian Counterpart John Magufuli held bilateral talks where they discussed progress made on various developmental projects being jointly undertaken by the two countries.

He said the two leaders observed that there is need to engage China on recapitalizing Tazara railway line because it will provide an economic route for exports and also open the Nakala corridor


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