Taylor Swift plans to re-record her old songs to own copyright after Scooter Braun row

Swift says it is 'absolutely' her plan to go back and re-do her hits

Taylor Swift has said she plans to re-record her own songs after her back catalogue was bought by Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun.

The US pop star was asked in a TV interview if she would consider re-recording the songs so she would own the copyright to the new versions.

Braun, pictured with his wife Yael Cohen who said he is ‘anything but a bully’

It comes after Swift claimed Braun bullied her for years and previously said she felt “sad” and “grossed out” that he now owns her music.

The singer told CBS Sunday Morning it was “absolutely” her plan to go back and re-do her hits.

Braun said in June that his Ithaca Holdings company had bought Big Machine Label Group, which released Swift’s first six albums – including her Grammy-winning Fearless and 1989 – and owns all the masters.

Swift, 29, signed with Universal in November, saying she knew that re-signing with Big Machine – which had managed her since she was 15 – would result in her not owning her future work.

Bieber and other pop stars such as Sia and Demi Lovato defended Braun over Swift’s claims he bullied her.

The Canadian singer posted on Instagram that Swift was trying to get sympathy and encourage her fans to attack Braun.

Braun’s wife, Yael Cohen, also defended her husband, posting a message on Instagram saying he is “anything but a bully”.

Braun, who has not responded directly to the allegations himself, is of the most high-profile figures in the music industry and also manages Arana Grande.

Source: Sky News


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