Retired civil servants urged to vacate government houses for those still serving- Chalikosa

    MINISTER of Work and Supply Honourable SYLVIA CHALIKOSA

    MINISTER of Work and Supply Honourable SYLVIA CHALIKOSA is not impressed with reports of former civil servants clinging to government houses even when their benefits were cleared.

    She said this practice deprived those that were still in employment and in need of accommodation which Government had to pay for in form of rentals.

    Hon. CHALIKOSA wants her Ministry to spearhead the Housing Policy for civil servants in the same way Government was doing it for the defence and security personnel.

    The Minister observed that there was a trend amongst civil servants occupying Government houses which they have held on to illegally even when they were paid off their pension benefits in the hope that they would buy them.

    She said some former civil servants were squatting in the Government houses because their benefits have not been paid.

    Speaking in Lusaka, Hon. CHALIKOSA said a lawless society cannot be allowed to flourish where people take the law into their own hands.

    Hon. CHALIKOSA also expressed concerned on the number of unplanned settlements in the country because some officers charged with proper town planning were not doing their job but added that the situation needed to be corrected.

    She said a number of wrongs have been identified and would be corrected though in the process of correcting them, Government was becoming unpopular at the expense of doing a proper job that would make people understand how best their affairs could be ran in a well structured manner.

    The Minister said her Ministry was the anchor in the provision of ancillary services to other Ministries and its mandate was wide as it had a lot of work to undertake.

    She has also urged Zambians to strive towards changing their attitudes towards public assets and buy into the idea of preservation for the good of the nation.

    On Government transport, the Minister cautioned that she would not take kindly with anyone entrusted with a vehicle to abuse it.
    She said she was equal to the task of seeing to it that in the similar manner that her predecessors Hon. FELIX MUTATI and Hon. MUTOTWE KAFWAYA firmly handled it, she would not tolerate any misuse.

    Hon. CHALIKOSA said a lot of sanity would be seen in the utilisation of government transport but called for positive attitude of people so as the reduce pressure on the national treasury.


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