No work permit for Vaselin – Sports Minister


We have advised FAZ that as much as it is their responsibility to employ the Zambia national soccer team coach, the right channel must be followed says the Minister of Youth and Sports Emmanuel Mulenga.

And Hon Mulenga says if FAZ will go ahead to recruit Vaselin Jelusic, let them issue him with their own work permit as government will not.

“I am sorry. If FAZ have gone ahead to hire that Coach, it is government that issues work permits! They should be ready to give him their own work permit.”

Minister Mulenga says the only way government will consent to the choice of a successful candidate for Chipolopolo Coach is as provided by law.

“Advertise first, call for interviews – let the process be transparent and then we shall consent to a successful candidate… Whatever money government spends is tax payers money and should be used prudently and in line with the financial regulations. And the Employment Act demands that for any position of employment to be given to an individual, it should first be advertised.

“And since the position of Chipolopolo Coach was not advertised, government can not buy into it. The business of both FAZ and the Ministry of Youth and Sports should be transparent and accountable to the Zambian people. So as Ministry of Sports, we are not going for that Coach. One, that is a single source. We will not go for single sourcing and this, we have already advised them,” said Hon Mulenga.

Meanwhile, Hon Mulenga has questioned the seriousness of FAZ in trying to hire a coach whose most recent job was to train school going Children.

“And coming to the experience of the same Coach, we did a research; he was coaching Botswana and he never coached for long. He was taken from coaching the national team to Academies! Is that what we need at our level? How can you bring someone who was coaching youths and school going children to come and coach our national team! That is not what we need. Let us have value for money,” reiterated the Minister.

And Hon Mulenga has announced that it is time government gave priority to other sports disciplines.

“Zambia has not qualified to the Africa Cup of Nations twice in a row which has never happened. And how much has been invested in them trying to qualify at the expense of other disciplines which are performing very well! At the all African games, a Swimmer came out with a medal. At the all African games, a boxer is fighting tomorrow and if he loses, he’s coming out with a Bronze. And if he wins, he will fight the finals and will either come out with Gold or Silver. So other disciplines are doing well! But the problem is that we have paid too much attention to soccer. No wonder FAZ wants to push government left, right and centre! It cannot continue.”

The Minister of Sports said this, Tuesday, when he conducted a familiazation tour on the business condition and operations of the Intercity Bus Terminus in Lusaka.

And according to FAZ, the new Chipolopolo coach is expected the country this week to finalise his Contract.



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