Who Takes on to Resuscitate the Defunct National Democratic Congress? The Legal Party Secretary General or the Consultant who turned President


………The De-registration of National Democratic Congress Party – As Roan Member of Parliament seat is protected by the constitution article 72 (9) ……..

The Registrar of Societies has with immediate effect de-registered the National Democratic Congress Party (NDC).

In a statement released to Smart Eagles by Ministry of Home Affairs Public Relations Officer Nephes Chifuta said the de-registration of NDC follows the High Court ruling of 16th July, 2019 clause 2019/0673 in a matter where some NDC members took each other to the court.

“The court ruled that the NDC had not yet adopted its constitution and for all intents and purposes, the MODUS OPERANDI of the political party had not yet been birthed. Consequently, the court found that the NDC had an inoperative constitution and dismissed the case in its entirety for being incompetently before the court”

Many just like you and us have been asking on what’s next for the Defunct NDC Member of Parliament. Well Mr NDC MP is protected by the Zambian Constitution Article 72(9) which states: (If a political party is dissolved, a Member of Parliament shall retain the member’s seat as an independent member.)

According the Defunct NDC Party President Chishimba Kambwili denied receiving any letter from the Registrar of Societies in the de-Registration of his party.

He then said the Registrar of Society acted out of order and the so called de-registration of the party was done on illegal basis.

In a statement issued by Defunct NDC other Secretary General Bridget Atanga says the defunct party has appealed to the Court to declare the Registrar of Society’s decision illegal and improper.

But Party Secretary General Mr Musenge has acknowledged receiving the de-registration letter of the Party and appended a signature to it.

“I have received correspondence from the Registrar of Society concerning the de-registration and we are taking time to study to see what we can do, we have been given 21 days to appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs, so before the 21 days is over we will try to see how we can be able to selvedge our party”

He has however, advised the party members to remain calm and adhere to the directives by the Ministry as its leaders will within the given 21 days appeal to the Minister of Home Affairs over the de-Registration of the party.

Well we do not know what to take! Will it be Former President Mr Kambwili who has taken the Registrar of Society to court to cancel the de-registration or it will be the legal Former Secretary General Mwenya Musenge who has acknowledged receiving the de-registration letter and is adhering to appealing to the Minister within 21days? Let’s watch the drama as Tom and Jerry are Human Beings!!!!!



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