Hon Siliya urges politicians to respect ‘The Presidency’


Chief Government Spokesperson Hon. Dora Siliya has called on Zambians to reject politicians and individuals who are in the habit of ridiculing the Office of the President.

Briefing journalists in Lusaka Thursday afternoon, Hon Siliya indicated that it does not pay to insult the sitting president saying he deserves the respect of citizens.

She further indicated that it is unbecoming for some politicians or individuals to use unpalatable language against the President each time they want to put across a message.

“And this also goes to the young people in the country, can you ensure that you use the cyber space responsibly. It is a dangerous path to use insults in politics, so let’s ensure that we refrain from such acts and respect the Office of the President,” she said.

“Yes we have the freedom of speech, media freedom and so on, but it comes with responsibility. We have set October 18th as a day of national prayer and fasting, because we are a Christian nation and we should be responsible”.

In reference to the video that has gone viral where de-registered NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili allegedly used defamatory language against the president, Hon Siliya said there are a lot of Bemba proverbs that Mr. Kambwili could have used unlike insulting the sitting president in such a manner.

Hon Siliya, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, stated that Zambians should start shaming those that have opted to use insults as a way of communicating.

The minister also emphasized that the Government has not given its position on the National Dialogue Forum (NDF) resolutions.

She said other stakeholders including the Patriotic Front, United Party for National Development (UPND) among others have given their positions over this issue but that the Government has not done so as it wants to do it from an informed point of view.

She said stakeholders will be able to make submissions to the Select Committee which will be getting views from 2nd September to 27th September, 2019 at Parliament Building.

Hon Siliya said after getting submissions, the committee will then give a report to the House.

The Chief Government Spokesperson further stated that after the committee presents its report to the House, then the Government will give its position on this matter.

On the hunger situation in the country, Hon Siliya maintained that the government has not declared the hunger situation in the country a national disaster.

She said this is the more reason why stakeholders should work closely with the government in responding to the effects of climate change.



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