Look at Government as part of you and not a separate entity,” Chalikosa urges ministry staff


IN her continued familiarization tours and the operations of the ministry and all its departments, Minister of Works and Supply Honourable SYLVIA BAMBALA CHALIKOSA has implored all staff to associate themselves with their Government portfolios in earnest and bring out ideas that can help improve the operations of the ministry.

The Minister who was speaking during the week when she visited the Engineering Services Company (ESCO) Headquarters situated in Woodlands, and was welcomed by ESCO Managing Director Engineer PATRICK NYIRENDA and other senior management staff.

She called on all staff to remain engaged, own the process of transformation, work as one family and have the same vision instead of doing their own things as it would not do any good for the company.

The Minister who has Professional Accounting training said her main interest was to serve the people, the country and encouraged the staff to be prudent in the use of scarce resources.

She said she has confidence that ESCO will do well as it undergoes the transformation process.

Hon. CHALIKOSA reiterated on her call for all members of staff to avoid over burdening the Treasury as one of the results would be continued frozen position inhibiting opportunities for employment, promotions and salary increments.

Later when she visited staff at the Office Equipment Management, Hon. CHALIKOSA said Government counted on the members of staff who are professionals to provide advice on how Office Equipment could function efficiently as professionals are expected to render expertise in their fields of operations.

Hon. CHALIKOSA urged the Unit to have a regular maintenance policy where they will be able to make timely preventive maintenance of the equipment stationed in all government ministries and departments so as to avoid waiting to be called upon when they have broken down.

She acknowledged that indeed this would require adequate funding, however, it was much better to maintain an asset than replace it.

The Minister further urged the staff to upgrade themselves in terms of continuous training but not to the detriment of the Ministry by leaving once well qualified with relevant experience, but to use that training and exposure to achieve best practices within the Ministry.

This is contained in a statement availed to Smart Eagles by the ministry of works and Supply public relations officer Ndubi Mvula .


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