Man charged after four homeless men beaten to death in their sleep

Randy Santos is accused of beating four homeless men to death with a metal bar

A man has been charged with beating four homeless men to death as they slept in New York City.

Randy Santos, 24, faces four counts of murder, one of attempted murder and one of unlawfully possessing marijuana, according to police.

Santos, who is also homeless, is accused of using a metal rod to kill the men, who had been asleep in the Chinatown district early on Saturday.

One of the victims was an 83-year-old, but no information has been released on the other three who died.

A fifth victim, reported to be a 49-year-old man, remains in hospital.

His condition is not known but he suffered severe head injuries in the attack.

Police allege Santos had the weapon with him when he was arrested after a rampage so violent that it left blood splattered on doorways and footpaths.

After the arrest, Chief of Manhattan South Detectives Michael Baldassano said: “The motive appears to be, right now, just random attacks.”

He added there was no evidence yet that the victims were “targeted by race, age, anything of that nature”.

Source: Sky News


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