PF Secretary General Makes an Impromptu Visit to Lusaka’s Busiest Markets in Search of Genuine Concerns from Marketeers, Bus Drivers


WITHOUT prior announcement nor the accompaniment of the ruling party’s Lusaka provincial or district leadership, Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila today made an Impromptu visit to New Soweto, Kabwata and City markets in search of genuine concerns from marketeers, traders and busĀ drivers.

The tour had been prompted by the ongoing talks and reports suggesting that party cadres have been collecting money in Markets and Bus Stations.

SG Mwila who arrived at Kabwata market at around 09:30hrs proceeded to conduct random interviews with marketeers and traders inquiring on the individuals and institutions that collect revenue from the traders.

And before speaking to City Market bus drivers, Hon Mwila went to the New Soweto market where he took over 30 minutes moving from one trading stand to the other, from one shop to another asking on the type of revenue and monetary contributions the traders in the Capital City are subjected to.

Follow the live streaming of the tour on the link below;

Arising from the tour, the ruling party CEO established that marketeers pay up to K3 per day to the Council for their trading space and another K2 for Solid Waste Management.

Hon Mwila has however called on the Police to quickly move into the Bus Stops and restore order as there are Co-boys in the habit of collecting money from bus drivers even after they had made payments to the Council in their respective Bus Stations.

“The biggest problem we have discovered here is that the drivers are harassed by Co-boys once they leave the Stations. There are Co-boys who collect money from them even after they have paid to the Council in the Stations. That is the more reason we are appealing to the Police to move in and bring sanity Bus Stops,” said Hon Mwila.

“There has been a lot of talk that party cadres have been collecting money in Markets and Bus stations and as PF, we became concerned that such an illegality would be going on in trading places. And that is what prompted us to get on the ground and hear the truth.”



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