A Boston doctor sent a friend a desperate text for help. Moments later, he and his fiancée were dead


In the last moments before his death, 49-year-old anesthesiologist Richard Field texted a friend pleading for help.

“I was confused for the first minutes,” Matthias Heidenreich testified last week in the first days of the double murder trial for the man suspected of killing Field and his 38-year-old fiancée, Lina Bolanos.
“I did not realize what (the text) means, wasn’t sure what it is,” Heidenreich said.
The couple, both well-known anesthesiologists, were stabbed to death in their Boston penthouse in May 2017.
In the texts, Field tried to ask Heidenreich to call 911 because an armed man was in his home.
A series of eight text messages was sent around 7:30 p.m. while Heidenreich was walking to a local drug store, according to reports from the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald. Heidenreich saw the texts when he returned home, the reports said.
The messages started “Call 111,” an apparent reference to 911, then “Gun man”, “in house” before ending with “Serious,” according to the Boston Herald.
Heidenreich testified that he responded but got no answer.

‘Looking, waiting, lurking’

Prosecutors say Bampumim Teixeira found the right time to sneak into the building he briefly worked for as a concierge and killed the two doctors inside their 11th floor penthouse. Teixeira has pleaded not guilty.
“(He was) looking, waiting, lurking, out front, out back, for just the right opportunity to present itself,” Assistant District Attorney John Pappas said during opening statements.
Teixeira was familiar with the building’s layout because of his time working there, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office said in a news release in 2017. And prosecutors allege that’s how he was also able to gain access to the couple’s penthouse, CNN affiliate WCVB reported.
Teixeira’s defense attorney said no evidence supports the prosecution’s case.
“No video, no audio, no scientific evidence, no credible evidence will tell you that Bampumim Teixeira broke into the home of Lina Bolanos and Richard Field and murdered them,” defense attorney Steven Sack said in the trial. “And that’s because he didn’t.”

A hooded person sneaked into the building

On May 5, a person wearing gloves, a hooded jacket and carrying a backpack and a bright yellow shirt sneaked into the building’s garage around 4 p.m, according to the news release from the district attorney’s office. Bolanos arrived around 5 p.m. and her fiancé followed about an hour and a half later, the release said.
Source: CNN


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