Two-year-old battling for his life after a bee attack in Chasefu


    A two year old boy has been hospitalized after he was attacked by bees in Chasefu district in Eastern Province yesterday.

    Justas Longwe of Makamula Village in Senior Chief Magodi’s area met his fate yesterday around 07:00 hours while he was in the nearby bush accompanied by two other juveniles aged between 10 and 14 as they were picking mangoes,

    It was while they were picking the fruits at which a swarm of bees descended and attacked them.

    Speaking in an interview grandmother to the victim Mestina Mkandawire said the accident happened when the trio was coming from the crop field on their way going back to the village.

    The grandmother narrated that following the attack, two juvenile girls managed to escape leaving the little boy badly injured.

    Meanwhile, Chasefu District Health Director Dr. Musamba Muyinda has described the condition of the boy as stable.



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