Continue to Look out for one another as you execute your duties- Kampyongo urges media

Hon. Steven Kampyongo

HOME Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has appealed to media personnel in Zambia to remain professional as they execute their duties of disseminating information to the general public.

Speaking in Lusaka, Hon Kampyongo said that media personnel just like any other Zambian are not immune to punishment when and if they break the law.

The Minister said, though the media are a fourth estate they have a duty to be professional and responsible as they carry out their duties and avoid getting into conflict with the law at all costs.

Hon Kampyongo said Zambian media personnel should draw lessons from events such as the incasaration of journalist Derrick Sinjela that no one is above the law.

He said some media personnel have deliberately gone on rampage to participate in spreading malice and unfounded falsehoods meant to misleading the general public for motives only known to themselves.

“It remains up to you as journalists to take a que from what transpired with our colleague to observe the law because not one including me who is seating here is above the law” Hon Kampyongo stated.

And Mr Kampyongo has also applauded journalists for embracing the spirit of being a “brothers keeper” when they lobbied President Lungu to pardon Sinjela at state house recently.

He said it is important that media personnel continue to look out for one another and encourage each other to observe the highest levels of professionalism.



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