Landmine kills two in ‘mine-free’ Mozambique


Two youths have been killed by a landmine buried on a farm in Mozambique’s northern Zambezia province,

This is despite the fact that the southern African state was declared free of landmines in 2015.

The youths were digging, when their hoe hit the landmine and the device exploded, provincial police commander Sidney Lonzo said.

Both government and Renamo rebel forces planted landmines during the 16-year civil war, which ended in 1992.

The police commander said investigations were continuing, and experts would be brought in to deactivate the explosives “if we find out that the area is still mined”.

In September 2015, a British landmine clearance charity, Halo Trust, said that Mozambique had become the first large mine-contaminated country to be completely cleared of the explosives.

Close to 171,000 landmines were removed after two decades of work to get rid of them.

Prince Harry visited Mozambique in 2010 learning about the work of Halo Trust.

In September this year, he went to Angola, where Princess Diana famously walked through a live minefield in 1997.

He said it was “quite emotional” to retrace his mother’s steps “and to see the transformation that has taken place – from an unsafe and desolate place into a vibrant community of local businesses and colleges”.

Source: BBC


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