Let’s not politicize natural crises, governance activist


A governance activist Adrian Mukandawire has called for support and not criticism of government’s efforts to provide relief to people affected by various climatic conditions in some parts of the country.

Many people in some parts of the country such as Malambo constituency in eastern province have been displaced due to heavy rains.

However government through the disaster management and mitigation unit and other well wishers have done their best to avert the situtaion.

But what worries Mr Mukandawire is the continued criticism of government even when it does the expected to help distressed people in an effort to better thier lives.

He told Smart Eagles in an interview that certain occourances are natural and blaming them on government is unfair, retrogressive and unproductive.

“Some things you can never predict like rain, disasters and when you judge everything through politics, it becomes unfair on those mandated to help the affected.Lets rally behind government because we all want a better life” Mr Mukandawire advised.

He encouraged government to continue to respond favorably to disasters adding that more rainfall and floods could be expected.

Mr Mukandawire said politicians especially those from the opposition should instead of blaming government be proactive in providing solutions to issues affecting the people if they mean well.

He said without attaching politics, it is evident that President Edgar Lungu and the PF government have indeed tried their best to offer relief to the distressed people in various parts of the country.

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