DC Counsels Kalumbila Residents


GOVERNMENT has advised people of Kambishi in Musele ward in Kalumbila District to demand their share of the Ward Development Fund (WDF) in order to improve the state of infrastructure.

Kalumbila District Commissioner (DC) Robinson Kalota, said it was sad that the area Councillor Olix Kakwata had never been to the area since he was voted into Office.

Mr Kalota said that the absence of the area Councillor had broken the link because the Ward Development Fund was released by the Ministry of Local Government but never administered.

He was speaking in Kambishi when he led a district joint operations team to ascertain the security situation after receiving reports of mealie-meal smuggling and unknown Helicopter movements in the area.

“We received some reports that some helicopters landed here which brought a lot of fear to the community. We were also informed of the smuggling that happens on the Kambishi road into Congo,” Mr Kalota said.

The District Commissioner said he was glad the area was calm but emphasised that measures would be put in place to ascertain which country the helicopters came from through engagements with the security wings.

Mr Kalota pledged to mobilise resources for the people of Kambishi to help with needs at Kambishi Primary School and Clinic.

“I want to pledge that I will mobilise resources for Kambishi area. We are also going to recommend to our stakeholders so that they can assist with the school and the clinic,” he said.

Mr Kalota also pledged to open up a proper road for the area as there was potential for agricultural activities in order to ease transportation of farm produce.

Meanwhile, Village Headman Kaindu of Kambishi area said that he heard the sound of helicopters as they landed and took off after some time, in October 2019.

And Jason Kantumoya, a resident of Kambishi said that a child had seen the helicopters while another person had taken pictures of the aircrafts but was too scared to get closer.


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