Social media abuse worries government


A recent Zambia information communication technology authority ZICTA cyber matrix database which revealed an increase in social media abuse and cybercrimes has worried government.

ZICTA recorded 791 complaints regarding social media abuses, statistics Minister of guidance and religious affairs reverend Godfridah Sumaili says need serious intervention to address.

She said it is unfortunate that social media abuse has increased despite Zambia being a Christian nation coupled with having a very rich cultural foundation which discourages such social vices.

Reverand Sumaili who was speaking during a press briefing yesterday at her office regretted that as a result of social media abuse such as cyber bullying and pornography, young people have ended up committing suicide.

“These are issues we need to address and people need to know that social media abuse , such as cyber bullying and pornography are against the law and we need to do more to change the situation” Reverend Sumaili said.

Reverend Sumaili has further expressed concern with the rise is fake news, falsehoods, accusations and judgemental statements due to social media abuse.

She has implored the church to use the pulpit to talk against the dangers of social media abuse and the media to sensitize the public on the same issues.

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