Relief distribution has no political eyes, we were greatly affected when our homes got wrecked by heavy rains-Chilubi residents

    .... lament that those saying relief is in the district because of elections want them to die before they can realize that the situation was very serious.

    MINISTER in the office of the Vice President Hon. Olipa Phiri says Government will continue distributing relief support materials to affected Zambians regardless their political affiliation.

    She said this is because President Edgar Lungu doesn’t want to leave any Zambian behind.

    Speaking when she inspected houses whose roofs were blown off by heavy rains in Chilubi District of Northern Province Ms. Phiri said it was on those grounds that President Lungu sent her and the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator Mr. Chanda Kabwe provide support to those who were affected.

    “Relief is for all affected Zambians regardless their political affiliation. That’s why we are here today and he has given us iron sheets to give you some blankets and also tents and mealie meal.All this is a clear indication that you have a father who is careering.”-Ms. Phiri indicated

    She reiterated that Government was not going to let any of the affected residents suffer.

    While the minister was inspecting houses Mr. Kabwe used the opportunity to ask residents on what they feel about those politicising Government’s gesture, and most of them expressed anger that Politicians would try and pay a blind eye to their plight just because of an election.

    They expressed sadness on politicians who would want to see them suffer after their houses got wrecked just because of elections.

    Most of them expressed innocence that they were receiving materials such as roofing sheets and blankets because they were left with nothing when their houses got swept away.

    They said those rubbishing Governments move assistance do not have a heart for the people.

    Meanwhile Hon. Olipa Phiri has since returned to Lusaka while Mr. Kabwe tomorrow proceeds to Kasama for further vulnerability assessments.



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