We need to write more about Zambia – Chileshe Kapwepwe


Renowned Zambian Author Mulenga Kapwepwe has encouraged Zambians to write more books as this will help in preserving the Zambian culture.

Speaking during the ‘NO BE FROM HIA’ book launch by Natasha Omokhodion – Kalulu Banda in Lusaka, Ms. Kapwepwe said for Zambia to preserve its culture, more people need to develop interest in writing books.

Ms.Kapwepwe, who is also co-founder of Zambian Women’s History Museum, notes that even short pieces of literature about the country will go a long way in promoting local culture.

And Natasha ,the Author of the book said the narrative of the story is to reconcile history.

She further said that the story also highlights the underplayed role of women in the liberation struggle.

“The role of women in the struggle has not been covered adequately,” she said.

She has encouraged Zambian youths to take up the mantle and write about Zambian as identity is the core business in the book.



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