Opposition parties continue to suffer deadly blows in Chilubi


….as PF Campaign Managers intensify their door to door canvassing for votes….

CHILUBI. Thursday, February 6th, 2020.

The ruling Patriotic Front party in Chilubi Constituency have continued to ensure that come February 13th, victory is secured and Cde Fube heads to the August House as the people’s representation.

Day and night, the robust team assembled by the PF has traversed the Constituency, selling the Candidate and the developmental message to the electorates.

The hard work has since began to yield fruits, with Kapoka ward leading the way with 119 defectors joining the ruling party yesterday.

Addressing the defectors, Luapula Provincial Chairman Hon Nickson Chilangwa MP, encouraged them using the story of the prodigal son in the Bible, urging them to feel free to participate in the party.

Led by Deputy Speaker Hon Mwimba Malama MP, Hon Nickson Chilangwa MP, Hon Anthony Malama and Hon Ponde Mecha, the Island campaign team has intensified their door to door campaigns.

The Swamps being serviced by Hon Anthony Kasandwe MP and his team, a landslide victory is been anticipated by many political pundits.

The electorates of Chilubi Constituency go to the polls to elect their representative on February 13th, following the demise of their Member of Parliament Hon Rosario Fundanga late last year.



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