Accusations of PF banning other political parties to campaign in Chilubi laughable- Kampyongo


….Says there is no way the opposition can campaign side by side with the Head of State

Tuesday….February 11 2020 (Smart Eagles)

Home affairs Minister Hon Stephen Kampyongo has dispelled claims by the opposition that they were banned from campaigning in Chilubi ahead of the February 13 byelection.

Mr Kampyongo said it is not their job but that of the electoral commission of Zambia ECZ to ban any political parties breaching the provisions of the electoral laws.

He said their mandate however is to make sure that as people are carrying out their campaigns, they notify the police about their campaining schedules in order for law and order to prevail.

“What is obtaining of course is that the head of state has a few days in the area to campaign and you obviously do not expect others to be there but when he is out of there, others can go and campign” Mr Kampyongo said.

He said it is just a few remaining days to the polls and wondered of what essence it would be to want to ban political parties from campaigning.

Hon Kampyongo said opposition political parties have never been banned from campaigning in previous elections and said it cannot start with Chilubi.

He said this during last night’s main news on ZNBC when he featured to give an update on the recent gassing incidences happening in some parts of the country.

On the gassing incidents were the inspector general of police Kakoma Kanganja disclosed that the chemicals being used have been established but wont be disclosed for security reasons, Hon Kampyongo justified the matter saying the police are doing everything possible to bring the situation under control.

He said it not failure on the part of the police as they have to follow certain guidelines to thoroughly investigate matters.

“We want to assure the members of the public that the role of the police is to ensure that the public and thier property is protected at all times. So the police will do their part and the National Prosecution Authority will do the rest to ensure that all suspects that have been rounded up for gassing and other related crimes are brought to justice” He assured.

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