More welcome consent for prisoners to vote in 2021


…As AVAP calls for stakeholder support to actualize such an important development in the electoral process

Tuesday…. February 11 2020 (Smart Eagles)

The Anti Voter Apathy Project AVAP says allowing prisoners to vote in elections following the constitutional court ruling has been long overdue.

The constitutional court recently ruled in favour of Prison Care and Counselling Services PRISCA who took the Electoral Commission of Zambia to court to advocate for prisoners to equally vote in elections.

AVAP executive director Richwell Mulwani has since welcomed the development and notes that prisoners will now have an opportunity to speak and be heard through the ballot.

“There are many things that have to be done when it comes to prisoners rights and this development is the step in the right direction and the Electoral Commission Of Zambia has to now facilitate for the process to be implemented effectively” Mr Mulwani said.

He said stakeholders now have to respect the judgement and support the process and work closely with ECZ to ensure that everything is done effectively.

Mr Mulwani notes that it is very important to promote participation in the electoral process especially among prisoners and further to ensure that there is enough sensitization in order to understand how the process will be done.

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