Doubts over cause of death for Rwandan singer


Police in Rwanda say a singer who was arrested last week whilst trying to leave the country illegally has killed himself whilst in custody.

Police said Kizito Mihigo had been trying to get to Burundi to join a rebel group.

However some Rwandans doubt the official version of events. The singer had spent three years in prison after he was accused of plotting against the government. Critics of the Rwandan authorities say he was framed.

Activists in the diaspora have dismissed the statement from the Rwandan police.

They say Kizito Mihigo had no intention of joining rebels in Burundi but he wanted to get to Belgium where he had lived before.

They also do not believe he killed himself in the police cell and think he was murdered. Kizito’s music was the source of his troubles.

In one song he suggested everyone killed during the 1994 genocide should be remembered whether they were ethnic Hutus or Tutsis.

The authorities saw this as openly challenging the official narrative that it was a genocide of the Tutsis. Government critics believe because of this Kizito was targeted.

Source: BBC


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