ZAMTEL and Zambia Railways Limited signs MoU to enhance business operations

…As the development elates the Industrial Development Corporation IDC with the call for more business synergies among Zambian companies for increased economic growth

ZAMTEL and Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) have today signed a memorandum of understanding that will culminate into the provision of digital solutions to support business operations.

ZAMTEL will therefore provide Zambia Railways limited with all communication needs including voice and data, with the integrated communication solution running along the line of rail from Chililabombwe to Livingstone using their network.

Speaking this morning during the signing ceremony, ZAMTEL chief executive officer Mr Sydney Mupeta explained that the digitization and automation processes at ZRL will support business corporation in areas such as procurement , human resource and administration , finance , stores management , railway tracking and many other faculties aimed at promoting operational efficiency and containment of revenue related risks.

“”The signing of this MOU also demonstrates ZAMTEL’s ability to deliver in the digital space and speaks to our strategic intent of being the prime driver of digital transformation in the country” Mr Mupeta said and called for other companies in the IDC group and others to tap into the ZAMTEL’s ability to provide digital solutions for their different areas of need.

And ZRL CEO Christopher Musonda said the partnership will enhance the digital revolution which is necessary for the operations and facilitation for the recapitalization and modernization of the railway infrastructure and its operations.

“We believe that digitization will bring efficiency and make us more competitive in the market place and make us able to allow the registration of 10% movement of cargo from road to rail” Mr Musonda noted.

And IDC group CEO Mr Mateyo Kaluba said such partnerships are very important in creating synergies for the sake of business growth and should be emulated by other companies in promoting home grown economic growth.

Mr Kaluba encouraged the 34 companies in the IDC portfolio to embrace business partnerships amongst each other as opposed to outsourcing services adding that there is no value in doing what other can do better for you.

“We have observed closely the transformation that has been going on at ZAMTEL, particularly the focus for digitization and to be a leader in the digital platform and this is something we support wholeheartedly” Mr Mateyo said.

He further said the intra company partnerships should be the basis for professionalism and urged the two companies to cultivate a good working relationship that will ensure that the signed MOU succeeds for the growth of both organizations.

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