Women participation in bee keeping is key in reducing poverty – SEPA


Zambezi…. Wednesday February 26, 2020 (SMART EAGLES)

SAVE Environment and People Agency (SEPA) with Support from Hewlett, Oxfam Canada and Oxfam in Zambia has targeted to train more women in bee keeping in North Western Province of Zambia.

As part of Women Livelihood activity, SEPA is encouraging more women in rural areas to take part and participate in bee keeping.

SEPA Chief Executive Officer Mailes Zulu said bee keeping is preserved to be a male activity but this is an opportunity for the majority of Women those especially in rural areas to be part of such an activity.

She said Save Environment and People Agency is focusing on building capacity for rural women with skills and knowledge in bee keeping.

“It is our hope as SEPA and all our Partners to see a Society that accept, promote Inclusiveness of women in Livelihood activity such as Bee Keeping,” she said.

“To all our women let us be Independent by taking part in activities that will generate Income as we support our families.”

Ms Zulu indicated that if Zambia is to fight the common enemy in the name of poverty, Save Environment and People Agency takes this opportunity to urge the private sector especially the mining companies and supermarkets to join hands with Donors, Civil Society and Government in the promotions of Women Participation in Business through Livelihood programmes such as Bee Keeping.

“Finally, Save Environment and People Agency we wish to thank the Government, Donors, Media, The Women Movement, Traditional Leadership and the ordinary people for accepting this project which is also speaking to the 7th national development plan (7NDP) and The sustianable development goals ( SDGs) as we wish to see that none of our women are left behind,” she said.



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