Life in lockdown: How luxury designers in Italy’s fashion heartland are facing coronavirus


Italian hatmaker Giuseppe Grevi was hoping for a brief respite from coronavirus headlines when he went off to the Italian Alps on a family skiing holiday in early March.

But then, following on a subpar trade fair in Milan last month where few buyers from coronavirus-ravaged Asia were on hand to place orders, the Florence-based milliner found himself again foiled by the virus, forced to return home early with Italy under nationwide lockdown to combat the pandemic.

Grevi is just one of scores of Italian luxury goods makers who are desperately trying to right businesses that have been doubly whipsawed by the coronavirus—first by the plunge in China’s luxury retail market, and then by its brutal arrival in Italy’s fashion heartland.

Some have turned to selling and meeting online, while others have doubled down on traditional manufacturing practices that get around coronavirus restrictions.

Source: Fortune


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