SACCORD condemns UPND MPS for walking out of parliament


…Says thier action is tantamount to denying people they represent to participate in national debates

Wednesday….March 18 2020 (Smart Eagles)

The decision by UPND members of parliament to walk out of parliament in protest against Bill 10 has continued to receive wide condemnation from various sections of society.

The Southern African Centre for The construction resolutions of Disputes SACCORD has also condemned the action and described it as a denial to accord people who the MPs represent an opportunity to fully understand the parliamentary deliberations on important national matters such as bill 10.

In an interview with Smart Eagles, Mr Chembe notes that parliament should be inclusive of divergent views from both sides and feels parliamentary walkouts is a disservice to the people who should be given an opportunity to have their voices heard through their representatives.

“Parliament upholds one of the most inclusive platform were representatives who are elected to represent the millions of Zambians are offered an opportunity to speak on their behalf on things that they agree with or not. This is done so that members of various constituents around the country are able to listen and watch watch and listen to what their MPs are saying” Mr Chembe observed.

He has since said often times walkouts are done, people are denied an oppprtunity to participate in the governelance process at various levels.

Mr Chembe has since advised MPs to consider participating in parliamentary proceedings on bill 10 when it resumes today including other important issues.

“We hope that with the remaining few days to discuss and deliberate over bill 10 such as today and so on that MPs irrespective of political parties will be able to take full advantage of this inclusive platform to represent their constituencies in the manner that accords them an oppprtunity to listen and appreciate the deliberations” he advised.



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