President nomination fee drops to K95,000


The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has revised the 2021 election nomination fees downwards after a complaint from some stakeholders including the Zambia Center for Inter Party Dialogue (ZCID) and the opposition UPND.

The commission has revised downward the nomination fees for a male presidential candidate to K95, 000 from the earlier proposed K120, 000.

In a statement issued to Smart Eagles, ECZ Public Relations Manager Margaret Chimanse says in conducting the nomination fees, the commission took into account all the stakeholders submissions and concerns, as well as other factors such as inflation, increased cost of conducting nominations and polls, including the issuance of voter registers to all presidential candidates which cost K610, 000.00 per candidate.

“The revised fees are as follows; Presidential Male K95,000.00, Female K75,000.00, Youth K60,000.00 PWD Candidate K60,000.00. Parliamentary Male K15,000.00, Female K13,500.00,  Youth K10,000.00 PWD Candidate K10,000.00. Mayoral Male 15,000.00, Female K13,500.00, Youth K10,000.00, PWD Candidate K10,000.00. Council Chairperson Male K3,500.00, Female K3,000.00, Youth K2,500.00, PWD Candidate K2,500.00. Councillors Male (City/Municipal) K1,500.00, Female K1,000.00, Youth K1,000.00,PWD Candidate K1,000.00 Male (Town/District) K600.00, Female K500.00, Youth K500.00, PWD Candidate K500.00,” she disclosed.

“The Commission, therefore, wishes to thank all Political Parties and Stakeholders for the cordial engagement and submissions regarding the proposed nomination fees.”

Ms Chimanse guided that political parties and aspiring candidates will be required to pay the nomination fees four weeks before the nomination date to allow effective and efficient processing of the nominations.



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