Some leaders want to come & fix the mess they created through privatization

.... The mess that was created is huge and privatization was careless says Luanshya Mayor

Luanshya…. September 5, 2020 (SMART EAGLES)

Luanshya Mayor Nathan Chanda says some people vying for the position of the republican presidency want to come and ‘fix’ the mess they created during the privatization period.

Mr. Chanda says this is the more reason they are busy with ‘fixing the nation’ slogan because they the ones who created most problems through the privatization period.

He wondered how they can spare the remaining assets if allowed to govern when they failed to manage a process like privatizing some assets saying they can even sale the country to their funders.

The Luanshya Mayor said this in an exclusive interview with Smart Eagles at his office on Saturday.

“The reason why I have talked about Roan is that I am also going to talk about Roan Antelope Mine Corporation, which was carelessly privatized by some of the leaders who claim to come and fix. Yes indeed they want to come and fix the mess that they had created. But I think as Zambians this is where we don’t show patriotism whenever we are given the responsibility because I believe about providing leadership is not about someone coming a councillor, MP, Minister or President for them to provide leadership. But even in our private capacities, we can provide leadership,” he said.

He added that a lot of widows and orphans have been frequenting his office because of the carelessness of some individuals to benefit themselves at the expense of the majority people.

He said most of the former workers who suffered because of privatization were underpaid and that they have since delivered a petition to him over this matter.

He noted that before privatization, the economy of Luanshya was booming as compared to what is happening at the moment because most of the companies are not operational.

He said over five thousand former miners have been frequenting his office asking when they will be paid their monies.

“But who are those who caused this untold story for our people? They are still there, they are alive. And some of them want to take the highest office in the land but I wonder if one failed to handle a smaller responsibility, how can he manage the country,” he questioned.

He emotionally appealed to the people with the habit of cyber bullying those questioning the process on social media saying the pain was too much for the victims of privatization.

He said the people of Luanshya will not forget the sufferings they have endured because of the selfishness of some individuals.



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