Winners and losers: life after privatization as its told by the real victims, ex miners

former ZCCM Plant Fitter Foreman Sefelino Mulenga

For the past few days now, a lot of stakeholders have been calling for the evaluation of the privatization of state owned assets saying the country did not benefit accordingly.

The debate on the privatization started with former Finance Minister, who is also FDD leader Edith Nawakwi alleging that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema had used his position as a consultant during the privatisation process to amass wealth.

Following a number of unanswered questions on this matter, the Smart Eagles crew decided to go on the ground in Luanshya to speak to the real victims of the privatization.

The areas visited include Mpatamato, Roan and E Avenue in Luanshya District.

Some formers miners who worked in the mining industry have bitterly complained how they lost out on the privatization of some public assets.

The Smart Eagles crew that randomly interviewed some former miners in Luanshya have been informed on how the nation sold out the assets for a ‘song’.

Former Chairperson for the Mine Workers Union of Zambia Anthony Kaluba, who was the leader for the union during the privatization era, says it is disheartening that leaders who took part in the privatization of mines are eyeing the highest office of the land.

“Some of these leaders who are vying to be presidents are the main reason why we are living like this. Most of my friends have died leaving behind their children and wives without getting anything after the ‘RECEIVER’ of RAMCOZ opted to engage in dubious means. This is mockery,” said the 78 year old.

He said some of his friends including Augustine Masakwa, Stanley Siame and Donald Musonda among others have died while waiting for their benefits.

Mr. Kaluba, a resident of Mpatamato, said because of poor management of the process, handlers of the process mismanaged the whole process subjecting some workers to pay for houses twice.

And former ZCCM Plant Fitter Foreman Sefelino Mulenga told Smart Eagles that he worked in the mine for 33 years and never received his full benefits because the people who were handling the sale off just pocketed the money.

Another miner Moses Mpashi, who worked in the mine for 16 years, plainly indicated that it is deceitful of the highest order for someone who amassed wealth during the privatization to seek the office of the president.

He said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should clearly tell the nation how he became rich while the nation and it’s people lost out.



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