NAQEZ supports comprehensive sexuality education in Zambian schools

National Action for Quality Education in Zambia ( NAQEZ) has supported the teaching of sexuality education in schools.
NAQEZ executive director Aaron Chansa said after careful analysis of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education framework and teaching manuals ,they find this kind of education very useful and Important for 21st century pupils.
“We cant see anything anti- Christian in these two documents.For the record, this kind of education was prompted by extensive research data indicating alarming numbers of school drop outs due to early pregnancies among primary and secondary School girls.It is also important to state here that before the Ministry of Education adopted the framework for sexuality education,the Church and Civil Society Organizations were part of the validation process,”he said.
Mr.Chansa said for the avoidance of any doubt,the current framework on sexuality education in Zambia provides learners with age appropriate and scientifically accurate information.
“If well implemented ,sexuality education is designed to afford pupils with knowledge on abstinence,culture , Society, hygiene ,human development ,awareness of peer norms,skills and values which help young ones to become more assertive and careful to address real sexuality matters,”Mr.Chansa said.
“In 2011,for example,over 15,000 school going girls fell pregnant.Surprisingly,the majority of these girls who fall pregnant are primary school learners .In 2010,the Population Bureau shockingly revealed that 12% girls and 16% boys experienced sex before the age of 15.This sad reality requires some intervention by the school system,”He adds.
“Further research findings clearly showed that there are serious challenges in the Zambian school curriculum on sexuality education.The Southern and Eastern Consortium for Monitoring Education Quality ( SACMEQ) report indicated that 60% of grade 6 learners in Zambia did not have adequate knowledge on sexuality educatio,” says Mr. Chansa.


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