PF by-election victory is a litmus test for 2021- Matafwali

PF Lusaka province vice secretary Mwenya Matafwali says PF’s by-elections victory is a litmus test for 2021.
In an interview, Mr.Matafwali says PF remains a popular party on the ground because of President Lungu’s desire to see that all parts of the country receives equitable development.
He said PF will continue mobilizing the grassroots to ensure maximum votes for President Edgar Lungu in the next years elections.
“Its good that the PF won most of the seats in the just ended by-election.This shows that the party is strong on the ground and that the structures are still intact and congratulations to the campaign teams for all the hard work,”says Matafwali.
“Zambians are seeing all the developments taking place throughout the country and they know that President Lungu has the heart for the country and he means well that’s why the opposition are in panic mode because come 2021 PF is bouncing back into power,”He said.
And Mr.Matafwali has advised the opposition not to base their popularity on Facebook likes and comments.
“Elections are not won on Facebook but on the ground and the opposition should not cheat themselves that PF is losing ground because of the negative comments on social media.PF is very much strong on the ground that’s why we keep on winning elections, “He said.


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