Why the knitted vest is the one-piece wonder you need for autumn


One of my all-time favourite films, fashion-wise, is 2008’s The Edge of Love in which Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller, portraying poet and writer Dylan Thomas’s lover and wife 
respectively, prance around on windswept Welsh beaches in wellies, dresses and knitwear.

They are the perfect advert for an artfully cobbled together boho wardrobe that works 365 days a year, add or subtract a layer or three.

Now the specifics are a bit foggy, but if there’s one item I bet appears in the film, layered over a floral tea dress and, at times, under a big wool coat, it’s a knitted tank top.

We don’t yet seem to have landed on a definitive name for the knitted tank, which is alternatively called a sweater vest (a name that may conjure images of Chandler in Friends, who was endlessly teased for his penchant; though the US definition means his are more waistcoat than tank), or a sleeveless jumper, but whichever moniker you prefer, it’s having a moment.

Source: The Telegraph


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