Japan to help Zambia strengthen criminal justice systems


Japan’s Minister of Justice, Yoko Kamikawa says her government will help Zambia strengthen crime prevention and criminal justice systems.

And Minister of Home Affairs, Stephen Kampyongo says an increase in collaboration between Zambia and Japan will help the two countries and the world fight ever changing criminalities especially in cyberspace.

Ms. Kamikawa disclosed to Mr. Kampyongo during a bilateral meeting held in Kyoto on the sidelines of the Fourteenth United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice that Zambia remains a strategic partner in many areas including prevention of transnational crimes.

The Japanese Minister is hopeful that the Kyoto declaration on crime prevention and criminal justice will help the two countries engage in justice diplomacy where the rule of law will be of paramount importance.

Meanwhile Mr. Kampyongo told Ms. Kamikawa that Zambia has made huge investment in national security and is currently passing laws that will help established systems fight sophisticated crimes.

He said, “the government is fully aware of the impact of covid-19 on crime prevention as these criminals are now using sophisticated means of abusing the cyber space to commit transnational crimes.”

Mr. Kampyongo has since appealed to the Japanese government to help Zambia and many other countries in Africa halt the ongoing swindling of unsuspected people buying cars in Japan online as the trend is denting the image of Japan.

And speaking after attending side congress committees, Inspector General of Police, Kakoma Kanganja disclosed that the Police has put in place mechanisms that will ensure nonselective application of the law and a safe environment before, during and after 2021 general elections.

Mr. Kanganja said the establishment of advanced national security systems and enactment of new laws will capacitate the Police to deal with criminal activities that might threaten the country’s peace and security.

The Inspector General of Police said the knowledge and trends learnt at the Kyoto Congress will help his office improve the operation of the Police Service.

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First Secretary- Press

Embassy of the Republic of Zambia, Tokyo, Japan.



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