SAFADA targets to train 600,000 Zambian farmers.


Small Scale Farmers Development Agency (SAFADA), a Zambian entity, has signed a memorandum of understanding with University of South Bohemia based in Czech Republic to train 600, 000 small scale farmers in Zambia.

SAFADA executive director Boyd Moobwe says the farmers will be imparted with knowledge in agriculture science and technology.

Mr. Moobwe says the courses will be online based, initiated to empower Zambian farmers with knowledge and skills in agriculture.

In an interview, he says Zambian farmers are not able to produce above five to 10 tons per sector which is worrisome, therefore, they need enough knowledge for them to improve in their yield.

“The majority of the farmers are seasonal farmers and are in the cycles of poverty because they do not have crop science knowledge and appropriate technology.

In this vein SAFADA and the University of South Bohemia signed a memorandum of understanding to introduce online and community based agriculture and technology courses for small scale farmers in Zambia,” he says.

“The courses will commence in October this year once funding is made available,”.

He says the agency targets to train 600,000 and about K1.5 billion will be spent per year.

He says the small scale will be engaged into intensive practicals in order to prepare them to become professional and specialist in agriculture.

Mr. Moobwe says the agency will also introduce a livestock feed milling plant and a poultry hatchery that will help the agriculture center of excellency to raise income for its operations.

“We appeal to Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Finance to support such initiatives and recommend the motion for donor support,” Mr. Moobwe says.



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