The debate about President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility being perpetuated by those that are afraid of him winning the 2021 general elections- Hon. Chitotela


Tourism and Arts Minister, Ronald Chitotela has challenged those questioning the eligibility of President Edgar Lungu to contest the August 12th election to take the issue to the courts of law as opposed to arguing the issue on social media as court cases are argued and won in the courts of law and not any other platforms.

Speaking when he featured on 5FM’s “the burning issue” program, Mr. Chitotela says those perpetuating the argument that President Edgar Lungu is not eligible to stand for office on August 12, 2021 are trying to create a disfranchising process in an attempt to confuse voters that could be on the fence and unsure of where to cast their vote.

Mr. Chitotela said the 84 paged judgement passed by the Constitutional court was unanimous and signed by all the seven (7) judges in the court.

“The same lawyers that are speaking today, were part of the lawyers that were advancing the issue before the judges that gave the judgement” He said.

He added that the Patriotic Front government respects the independence of the judiciary as evidenced by the will shown in the action taken over the issue in which ministers were ordered by the court to pay money back for staying in office after Parliament was dissolved in 2016.

He wonders why the same individuals respected that ruling but continue to perpetuate the issue of the Head of State’s eligibility in the media adding that if they believe they have a strong case, they should take it to court as cases are litigated upon in the courts of law and not on social media or other platforms.

“Those talking about President Lungu Lungu scared of him because they know that he is the most popular candidate and is going to win the election” He said.



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